Budapest to Kecskemet

We were back to English conditions today (18 C, cloudy and raining gently) and it was a welcome relief from the heat. Particularly since we had 60 miles to pedal.

And this was a significant day, because we said goodbye to the Danube (though we will cross it again on the Romania/Bulgaria border) and goodbye to the comfort of an official bicycle trail, with green signboards (if you are lucky).

I had carefully worked out a route to get us out of Budapest that would avoid the main roads. By and large it worked – with just one section where we had to take to a bumpy pavement for safety. The suburbs got gradually leafier and richer until we got out of Budapest altogether. The worst lorry traffic was from the gigantic Tesco distribution centre on the edge of town. Tesco has a lot to answer for!

The rain made it not very photogenic, but here is our lunch stop!

A 4 star lunch break
A 4 star lunch break

After lunch the scenery changed and we entered an area of heathland – not completely flat, and with a sandy soil and scrub ash trees everywhere. It was very attractive. But the calm was shattered by a rally event taking place on the dirt tracks over the heath. We were stopped by marshals where the cars were crossing our tarred road. Sorry – I failed with an attempt to get a decent photo.

In the early afternoon we found our grottiest bar so far and stopped for beer (Andy) and coffee (Helen).

A 5 star tea break
A 5 star tea break

The final leg into Kecskemet even had a decent cycle path – and now we are holed up in a really nice small b&b. Excellent. Just another 60 miles tomorrow!

Helen’s track of the day: Frank Sinatra, You Make Me Feel So Young, yes the old ones are coming out now the going gets tougher.

One thought on “Budapest to Kecskemet

  1. 60 miles, good effort! Hope you survived OK.
    Are you following the cricket, I mean, what else would you do in Hungary? If not, you’ll be intrigued to discover that on Friday England were reduced to 102-7 just after lunch, and now Pakisatan are following on 372 runs behind! I suggest a visit to the BBC web site!
    Good luck tomorrow. Ruth, Ann and I are off to Bradford for the Sky Ride.

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